How To Videos

Buying a vehicle can be overwhelming at times.  Between your own personal research, communicating with a dealership prior to your visit, making a trip to the dealership, getting a professional product demonstration/walk-around and actually making the purchase.  It's great that we give you a demonstration on how to set up your touch screen radio settings, Voice Command, Bluetooth, downloading your favorite songs, etc.  But a lot of people forget the basics when they get home.  Before you know it, 6 months to a year later passes and you still haven't figured it out or just don't want to take the time on how you set it up.

Well, not everyone wants to read a step-by-step manual. To help you out, we have created a few "How To" videos so you can use the features and options on your vehicle. 
As more technology comes out, so will more videos. 


How To connect sync your phone to the Voice Command system and UConnect:


How To Download your favorite songs and pictures to your new Touch Screen radio: